Here is a song I recently produced with a new Austin artist, moorhaunter.  Check her out.  She's awesome.  Little does she know, I have been a fan for a while, so I was pretty stoked to get in the studio and pump out this poppy little number.  My partner in crime, Danny Malone, was there to turn some knobs and sing some harmonies.  A few hours later she had bought my tour van, and we had birthed this sweet little pop tune. 


Over the last year, I co-produced this Lo-fi record.
Dig in!


I was honored when my dear friend and next-door neighbor, Rebecca Loebe, asked me to produce a track for her.  Michael Hogan lives upstairs and brought his camera down for the evening. Jams ensued.  Without further ado, I present to you Lie by Rebecca Loebe.


ft. Sarah Stricklin and Dominic Hendrikz featured this awesome remix of Home.

Overhertz, you're awesome!

Below is the video, with the original version.